Cold Zero 750LB Paracord/Parachute Cord – Authentic Mil-Spec Type IV – Made in USA – Certified Military Grade (Mil-C-5040H TIV)




  • GENUINE MIL-SPEC PARACORD…AT AN INCREDIBLE VALUE. COLD ZERO Tactical Paracord is 100% MADE IN USA by a Department of Defense Certified Manufacturer. This is the exact same Paracord / Parachute Cord that is used by the US Military. Perfect for all outdoors, camping, hunting, survival & prepper enthusiasts. The applications are endless. Throw a spool in the garage and a few coils in your backpack or truck and we guarantee it will prove useful.
  • **NO MORE TANGLED MESS. SAY GOODBYE TO LOOSE PARACORD IN A BAG. With COLD ZERO Tactical Paracord you no longer need to coil your own cord by hand. All our Mil-Spec Paracord is packaged for convenience & according to length. Our 50ft & 100ft lengths come wound on a reusable winder, 200ft lengths are wound on a tube, and 1000ft lengths come wound on a spool. 1000’ Spools may come in up-to 2 non-spliced lengths. FREE COLD ZERO STICKER with every purchase!
  • CUSTOMER RAVES “Definitely 1st Grade Mil-Spec Paracord. Better price than other options and it came on a reusable winder and free COLD ZERO sticker! Cannot beat that.”
  • NOTHING BEATS THE REAL THING. COLD ZERO 750LB Type IV Paracord is genuine Mil-Spec Paracord with an abrasion resistant 3-Ply sleeve and 11 3-ply Inner Strands which together create an extra 200LBS of breaking strength compared to 550 Paracord. Commercial grade paracord is made with raw materials in both the sleeve and core that are far cheaper and will not withstand the same wear as Mil-Spec (5040H).
  • BUY TODAY RISK FREE. We are extremely confident you will love our Paracord but if something is not as you thought it would be please reach out directly and we will either refund or replace your product.